Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group

The Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group is a group of Upper West Siders interested in the history of the area from about 96th to 110th Streets, Central Park to the Hudson River, and once known as “Bloomingdale.” The group presents history talks from time to time and maintains an archive of historical materials at the Bloomingdale Branch of the New York Public Library on West 100th Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam.



5 Responses to Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group

  1. Please send me news about upcoming events

  2. Emily Berleth says:

    I very much enjoyed yesterday’s lecture. Please send me information on upcoming events.

    • Emily Berleth says:

      A few months after I wrote this, I spoke with Gil Tauber, who explained that the deed stipulated that a single-family home be built on the site before anything else could. The cottage was built by Charles Paterno. I remembered it as wood, but it was steel, and I guess the boulder wasn’t so very big, but I was three or four at the time. I very much enjoy your lectures and am delighted to have encountered this group in my old/new neighborhood.

      Emily Berleth

  3. Emily Berleth says:

    Does anyone know anything about a cottage that for a few years stood on a boulder on the corner of 107th and Riverside, across the side street from the marble mansion (which I remember was a collection point for scrap metal during WWII). My family moved to 108 and Bway in 1943, and I remember the cottage from when I was very little.

  4. Woody lmore says:

    My grandparents moved to 109th street right after WW I. My grandmother often told me stories about the neighborhood. In particular she remembered the rat problem when the Lion brewery was torn down.
    As a native westsider and “Bloomingdelphian? I love the stories.

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